Wild Daffodils, Perlenbach, Eifel/Ardenne, Germany/Belgium

These photographs were taken on Easter Sunday, April 11, 2002. Some flowers were open but the best show will probably be in about a week. We walked along the Perlenbach (Pearl Creek - used to have lots of freshwater clams with pearls) along the Belgium/German border, upstream from Gut Heistard, to the Galgenberg (Gallows Hill).


a hillside with many wild daffodils

This bank was covered with daffodils. Many plants in this group - in a sunny spot - were already in bloom. There were lots in bud and many with leaves but no buds yet.
Actually the daffodils are in the river valley and lower hillsides, not up into the hills.

A close-up of a wild daffodil. The whole plant is about 10 cm (4 inches) tall; this is about lifesize. The largest are about 15 cm tall; i.e. these are much smaller than the garden variety..

wild daffodil - closeup
a single daffodil
This was one of the tallest plants that we saw - about 15 cm.

Another, smaller daffodil. The dead beach leaves give an idea of the size.

a single daffodil
daffodil among branches

Some of the daffodils were growoing under bushes along the river and on the banks. Were the bulbs washed up there when the river flooded?

This flower was right against a moss-covered birch tree.
daffodil beside mossy birch
2 daffodils in dead grass
Daffodils pushing through last year's dead grass in the river valley. There was a lot of dew - you can see waterdroplets on the petals and leaves.
These 4 daffodils were higher up the bank under some bushes - quite sheltered but lots of sun because the bushes do not yet have leaves. The branches make an interesting pattern.
4 daffodils among branches
4 daffodils
Lots of buds still to flower..

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