Tenerife Holiday Photos 2003

Bill and I visited Tenerife from Monday, March 24 to Monday, April 14, 2003 - our birthday present to each other. Bill had attended a conference in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife in May 1998 and had been singing the island's praises since then. Because we were going so early in the spring, we decided to go to Playa de la Arena just south of Puerto de Santiago on the northwest coast which was sure to have lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-twenties (°C). Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands which lie 100 to 300 km off the west coast of Africa at the level of southern Morocco and the temperature ranges between 20°C and 30°C the whole year round, but the north coast gets much more cloud and rain than the arid southern half of the island. Tenerife in the spring is very photogenic and a paradise for photographers. I took over 600 digital photos and Bill took about 400 photos with the SLR camera plus about 5 hours of video. Kim, Rory, Annika and Jens spent their 2-week summer holiday on Tenerife at the end of August/beginning of September 2003 and stayed in Puerto de la Cruz. Each of them had a camera and took several films of photos.
Tenerife and the other Canary Islands are volcanic and still very active. The last big outburst on Tenerife was less than 100 years ago and another could happen at any time. There is lava everywhere you go. But even the youngest lava flows are already being invaded by hardy plants, so that Tenerife is remarkably green. In the springtime it is covered in flowers from the seashore to far up the mountainsides. El Teide, at 3715 metres, is the highest mountain not only on Tenerife but also in all of Spain and is visible from all over the island.
Bill and I planned quite an active trip with hiking and sightseeing as well as days by the pool, so our Tenerife holiday is in the form of a diary with one page for each day we were there. Kim, Rory, Annika and Jens were a bit more relaxed and they did not all do the same trips, so their photos are arranged by theme.

Tenerife Spring 2003

Fly to Tenerife. Bus from south of island along coast to Playa de la Arena
Walked to Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes. Swam
Bus to Adeje. Hiked the Barranca del Infierno
Bill hiked to Tamaimo. I did balcony picture. Swam
Bus to Puerto de la Cruz. Hiked to Playa Bollullo
Bill ran and played volleyball. I did hibiscus picture. Swam
Walked to Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes
Bus to Teide (Parador). Hiked around Los Roques
Walked down to seashore. I did picture of lava and coast. Bill ran
Bus to Puerto de la Cruz, Walked to Loro Park via Playa de Jardin
Walked to Puerto de Santiago. I won archery. Swam
Bus to Puerto de la Cruz. Bus to Orotava. Bill swam
Bill ran. I catalogued photos. Both swam
Boat trip from Los Gigantes; saw pilot whales and dolphins. Bill swam in sea
Bus to Teide (Teleferico). Hiked to Parador
Bill ran. I did Teide picture. Swam
Bus to Puerto de la Cruz. then La Caldera. Hiked in rainforest
Bill hiked almost to Chio. I walked down to shore; did tower picture. Swam
Bus to Arguejo. Pottery museum. Hiked to Santiago del Teide. Bill swam
Bus trip around island; lunch in Punta del Hidalgo
Walked to Puerto de Santiago. Watched breakers at Playa de la Arena
Flew home

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Tenerife Summer 2003

Photos of hotel in Puerta de la Cruz
Photos of Puerto de la Cruz
Trip to Loro Park
Bus tour to Masca. Hike down Masca Gorge (Rory and Annika)
Bus to Guimar. Visit Pyramids and Thor Heyerdahl Museum
Bus to La Caldera. Hike in rainforest (Rory and Annika)
Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Gardens (Kim and Jens)
Bus to Teide (Parador). Hike around Los Roques
Puerto Cruz
Loro Park
La Caldera
Botanical Gardens

map of Tenerife

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